"Which one should I choose classic or flat lash?" There are no good or bad eyelashes, only suitable or not.

The body of a classic lash is cylindrical, similar to our own real eyelashes. The root area of the classic lash is small, so the upper eye effect is natural. If you want to use classic lash for the encryption effect, you can graft multiple ones on the top, bottom, left, and right sides of a real eyelash.

The body of the flat lash is flat, which is the biggest difference between the flat lash and the classic lash. The success of the Wendy Ellipse flat lash is its wide base and center groove, which allows for a greater surface area to bond with the natural lash and locks it in place. Along with longer staying power, Wendy's flat lashes have less weight and create a more voluminous look. Lock your lashes in with our cutting edge Ellipse lashes.

Flat lashes aka Ellipse lashes are a great option for classic lash applications. Flat lashes are designed to provide a thicker and fuller lash appearance than traditional classic lashes. These lashes are lighter than traditional classic lashes and are equivalent to the weight of a .07 volume lash.

The unique shape of the ellipse lashes (elliptical, flat, eclipse) allows for a more dramatic lash look.

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