Start Your Own Brand Lashes Extensions Business!

Are you looking to start your own eyelash extension brand? You have come to the right place. We provide private label services for salons and makeup artists worldwide. Starting your own private label takes a lot of time and dedication – and you can’t go it alone! You need a supplier that you can rely on to provide the best quality products so that you can focus on building your brand. Wendylash can be used for own brand eyelashes, tweezers, glue, cleanser, etc. Owning your own branded eyelashes can increase the credibility and trust of your salon; plus it will increase your income and retention rate!
You can read all about the information about the private label here!

What sets Wendylash Private Label apart from others?
We do it all for you. 

Custom design:
Our professional designers will provide you with perfect designs, with many years of experience in providing private label/OEM services, and can provide design/style solutions that meet your needs. You can choose from our pre-made designs/styles, or you can create brand new products based on your concept or imagination.

Custom packaging:
If a private label is required, most of our customers will only change the logo. However, if you have better ideas for packaging design, you can also use it. Unique packaging for your brand.

Custom lash extensions
Didn't find the eyelashes you need? Don't worry, please list the eyelash curl, eyelash length, and eyelash thickness you need, and send the detailed information to, our sales consultant will contact you as soon as possible.

Wholesale price
All products will be sold at wholesale prices, and the cost is less than you think.
Want to know more? Please send an email to

How to start?

After purchasing the private label package, please email the high-quality PNG with logo to or Whatsapp:+8615689960919, and enter your name and "private label" in the subject line. If you want to make your private label more personalized, please specify your requirements via email.

Customers contact us about the desired product and style.
Customers need products and styles to contact us.
We provide solutions to meet customer needs, make sample products and send them for review.
your name*
Website address (if applicable)
telephone number
Products you are interested in private label
We will send you a quote for a potential order, and if you decide to start your own brand with us, the design process will begin.
The customer checks the samples.
Customers place an order and we will deliver it on the agreed timetable. for the private label department.

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