There are many models of eyelash extensions, how to choose?

1. According to the shape and curl of your eyes, choose the eyelash extensions that suits you.

Everyone's eyes are different, there are long, round, big and small, single eyelid, inner double eyelid, double eyelid. Generally speaking: the eye length is suitable for fan-shaped, the middle is long, and the two sides become shorter. After the connection, the eyes look larger, cute, charming, and cute. This kind of "cute type" has the opposite round eyes and is suitable for flying. Type, short front and long back lengthen the eye contour, moderate length, double the length of your own eyelashes, this is a "glamorous type".

As for the thickness, if you want to be natural, follow your own situation to increase by 0.5-1 time. For example, if the eyelashes are thin and only 0.05, then the eyelash extensions should not be too thick. 0.07 or 0.10 is more suitable, the own eyelashes are relatively hard. Just 0.10 0.12 will do.

2. How to choose the shape and length of grafted eyelashes?

There are four types of eyelash extensions: C, CC, D, DD. You can choose according to the warpage you want, usually, C and D are natural. To be exaggerated, DD
The point is the length. The length of the eyelashes will be slightly different according to different brands and different batches. You can also compare them according to the eyelash artist on site. Normal eyelashes in the market start from 8 to 16, which is the 8th, the 9th, the 10th, the 11th, then 12th, then 13th, then 14th, then 15th, and the 16th. Generally, the eye tip is shorter, 8 mm, and the 9 10 11 at the back can be matched.

3. How to distinguish between good glue and bad glue?

There is a difference between quick-drying of glue and quick-drying in several seconds. There are 1 to 2 seconds, and the curing time is 40 to 60 days. We call it S+ glue, and there are 2 to 3 seconds and 3 to 4 seconds. The faster it dries, the better the glue, the longer it lasts, and the greater the smell. I didn’t understand when I first dried beautiful eyelashes. I think the odorless the better, but the maintenance time is short about 10 to 15 days. The brand glue that is imported in the later period has a great smell, I thought it was not good, but the maintenance time was very long, one month about. So smell does not mean bad.

4. How to judge whether the eyelash artist is professional?

First, the eyelash grafting time is about 60-90 minutes. If the time is exceeded, unless the eyelashes are difficult to grasp, the others are not so experienced! Second, the eyelash artist will match your own eyelashes according to the style you want. If the model and length you require are outrageous, they will give you better suggestions in time.

5. How to maintain your eyelashes later?

First of all, the first point is that when applying eyelashes, don't shed tears if you don't shed tears, because the glue will turn white when exposed to water, which will not only affect the appearance but also be uncomfortable. Do not touch water for 6 hours after grafting, which can last longer. Also, after grafting, be sure to blow dry with a hairdryer. Wait until the glue is completely dry before opening it, otherwise, it will irritate your eyes.
The second point is to wash your face. The best advice is not to touch the eyelashes when washing your face. This can last a long time, but it is impossible for anyone in basic care to do this. It is troublesome and tiring. Therefore, it is unavoidable to touch the water when washing your face. Try not to rub it with your hands vigorously. The eyelashes will be messy and fall off, which is not so good.
The third point is whether you can draw eyeliner. You can paint, but it's best to only paint the end of the eye. After receiving the eyelashes, it can be said that it has its own eyeliner effect, and the eyelashes are black. If you draw eyeliner, the first clean is not clean, the second eyelashes will be messy and fall off quickly, so it is not recommended.

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