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This is a very good question for both new and experienced lash artists.

We all understand how hard it is to actually do a good job when clients can't keep still or their has fluttery eyes.

The main thing is that this leads to a series of problems.Once your client opens their eyes and goes home, their eyes may be bloodshot, bright red, inflamed, irritated or worse, then they are going to blame you!

How do we politely keep those chatty clients that may have now become friends feel comfortable and quiet?So we interviewed a lot of lash artists to collect some tips on how to talk or use tools to deal with these irritable clients and help clients relax.

1)Say Something Bluntly

If you client is very talkative, you of course don’t want to be rude and ignore them. You can kindly mention that although you enjoy the conversation, that any extra movement makes it difficult for you to fill their lashes. Most clients will likely rather be told (kindly) to hold still a bit, if it means that their lashes will be fuller when they leave.

That’s always a good one.

2)Be Patient Lash Artist

Sometimes we don't know what happened to your clients before they came to your store.

If they come in flustered or uptight, try and help them calm down a bit before having them lay on the table. Offer them some water or to use the restroom, and relay to them to take their time if needed.

3)Create a Peaceful, Clean, and Comfortable Atmosphere for the Client

Research shows that the environment can have subtle effects on people's moods.Your clients are likely to pick up and internalize that energy as they walk in.Even if they first enter flustered or hyper, playing soothing music, and having inviting aromas in the air, will help them relax and unwind a bit once laying on your lashing table.

4)Use Tools

This is one of my favourite tricks:Use Lip Masks

After you communicate clearly with the clients.Offer this as a special service to your valued clients or use as an add on treatment!

The lip masks offer maximum hydration to the lip area while your clients are resting and having their lashes applied.It's the perfect way to keep your clients quiet while plumping lips for the ultimate enjoyment.

You may want these fees to be included in your service or add a small price. The lip mask is the perfect add on product. You can also sell to your customers to increase your turnover and retain customers.And this product can be used with confidence because its ingredients are plant extracts. details.


Let me know what you do to help your clients relax and keep quiet!

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