Let’s take a look at how we should store both unopened and opened bottles of Glue now.

As already mentioned, the shelf life for unopened bottles of Sky Glue is approximately 6 months. If you’re not planning on using it for a while, you should keep the pouch it comes in sealed so that no air or moisture can reach the bottle. Keep it in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight.

To extend the unopened shelf life for another 2 or even 3 months, you can put the glue in the refrigerator (still inside the sealed pouch). This slows down the natural aging of the ingredients just like how the fridge stops your food going off so quick!

If your store your unopened glue in the fridge, it’s REALLY important to take it out at least an hour before you use it to allow it to warm to room temperature. This will prevent any condensation from forming inside the bottle (condensation will cure the glue…which is very bad)!

First things first; DO NOT store your opened glue bottles in the fridge! As mentioned above, condensation will form inside the bottle and your glue will go off!

Opened bottles should have their lids tightly closed and be stored upright in a cool, dry place. If possible, you should store the glue inside the Sky Glue pouch with the silica pack to prohibit excessive moisture from getting into the bottle.

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