Eyes are the windows of the soul. Now more and more people create all kinds of perfect eye makeup, and there are more and more styling styles of eyelashes. After a pair of eyes are grafted with eyelashes, the eyes will not only become bigger instantly but also the entire makeup. There is a lot of color enhancement. I have to admit that "eye value" determines the value of the face.

Why do you need colored lashes extensions?
Colored eyelashes can add color to the eyes, set off the skin tone, and deduce the effect of eye shadow. It can be matched with the color of makeup and eyebrows to make the eyes more dazzling; colored eyelashes not only increase the characteristics of the eyes but also have more personality and fashion elements. For those who pursue fashion and wear details, it is a bonus artifact. Grafting colored eyelashes in life not only enhances personal complexion but also gives people a new feeling.

How to choose colored eyelashes?
Color eyelashes can be selected according to the customer's hair color and makeup.
The hair color, pupils, and eyebrows of Asians are black and dark brown. Black eyelashes can be grafted, and colored eyelashes can be used to brighten the eyes. You can also graft brown eyelashes to give people a softer feeling.
For fair-skinned customers, try light brown eyelashes, which will look more fluffy.
If the hair color is yellow or coffee color or lighter color, it is recommended to match light coffee color cosmetic contact lenses and light eyebrow color, and then choose a color eyelash grafting similar to the hair color and cosmetic contact color.
For Japanese makeup and coffee-colored hair colors, you can try grafting caramel or coffee-colored eyelashes to your entire eyes. Not only can you improve your overall makeup and complexion, but it is also a big and small "scheming" in the dating workplace.


Too bright colors are not suitable for full-eye graftings, such as bright colors such as green and yellow.

But if there are individual customers who just want that bright color, they can choose the following ways to graft:

▶ The first kind of color

There are 5-8 tufts of colored hair interspersed at the end of the eye to create a smart, bling-bling discharge.

▶The second kind of color

With a few tufts of colored hair interspersed in your eyes, you will have a little super small personality.

▶The third layered color

Add colored eyelashes to the first or second layer, which will appear looming and playful after opening the eyes, or the third layer will be more colorful after opening the eyes.

The eye-catching colored eyelashes make eye makeup the most eye-catching part. There is no need for exaggerated painted makeup effects. The smart and colorful eyelashes are enough to be ignored, creating a unique style for the overall look! Don't let black overwhelm the fun of finding colors.

Let's have fun with colored eyelashes!

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