6 Type Curl of Eyelash Extensions

 +J Curl extensions are perfect for any ladies wanting natural-looking, lengthy lashes rather than a dramatic, open eye look

 +B Curl– the basic curl, gives a supernatural look and is most commonly used for the inner corner of eyes to prevent hitting the nose

 +CC Curl– the least amount of curl and most closely resembles the majority of natural lashes, Where “girl next door” meets “girls night out”,

 +C Curl lashes are best for clients with a slight curl in their natural lash and ladies looking for a perfect, curled look.

 +D Curl– the most visible and dramatic curl, gives the most lift

 +L Curl lashes are our first choice for any client with inset or hooded eyes. With a curious shape that resembles an “L”, it’s hard not to love the graceful lift of this unique lash.

 After all, not all eyelash extensions are created equal! In fact, each of the unique types of eyelash extensions comes with its own specific guidelines.


Don’t forget to check out our eyelash extension chart that covers curl types, length, and lash diameter in greater detail.


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