Hello beauty, today I will talk to you about why you need to do a questionnaire before eyelash extension. In fact, the questionnaire survey is very important. We need to understand the customer's situation, not only to ask her what kind of eyelashes she wants but also the condition of the customer's eyes and her body. Because the eyes and hands are not the same, the eyelashes are closer to our eyeballs, so we need to pay more attention to safe and healthy operations, so we must thoroughly understand what each person is about.

Questionnaire surveys generally include these questions:
1. Is it the first time to graft eyelashes
2. Whether there are symptoms of redness and itching
3. Whether the body is allergic
4. Are there any eye diseases including needle eye, conjunctivitis, keratitis, dry eye, etc.
5. Whether it is in special periods such as the menstrual period, pregnancy, lactation, etc.
6. Have you received eye laser surgery or double eyelid surgery?
7. Do you wear contact lenses

When a new guest completes this questionnaire, we can clearly know whether the guest has never had eyelashes grafted or is an eyelash extension lover. We can also understand the physical condition of the guest and determine whether the guest is allergic and provide a suitable solution. . If the guest has some eye diseases at the moment, we must communicate with the guest in a timely manner, inform the guest of possible problems in advance, let the guest know well and confirm with the guest again whether to graft. If the guest is pregnant or breast-feeding, it is recommended not to graft, because during such a special period, the guest's physique will change, but also to avoid accidents. If the client has just received laser surgery or double eyelid surgery, eyelash grafting needs to be performed half a year after the operation. The purpose is to fully recover the surgical site. If the customer is wearing contact lenses, they need to inform the customer that they need to take out the contact lenses when grafting the eyelashes, otherwise the eyeballs are prone to redness and dryness.

Therefore, the questionnaire survey can help the eyelash artist to understand a new client, and it can also avoid some problems that may arise in the later period, and at the same time leave a professional image in the mind of the client.

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