Try these fun colored extensions for your adventurous clients!
If you’re as obsessed with these bold colored eyelash extensions as we are, then hop on this trend!

And now, let’s get creative. Although black lashes are by far the most popular, nothing says “dramatic” like a colored lash…

1. Brown Eyelash Extensions
Brown lashes bring “natural” to the next level. They present a perfect alternative for any blonde or redhead who prefers natural tones. We recommend pairing brown and black lashes for a sultry, delicate look that will make your client’s natural eye color POP!

2. Green Eyelash Extensions
Where “bold” meets “earthy”, you will find adventurous, green lashes. Forget about funky accessories and statement fashion pieces – green lashes add flair and personality to any day-to-day look. We recommend these trendsetters to those with green, hazel, or brown eyes.

3. Purple Eyelash Extensions
For a dashing, fantasy look, purple lashes make any green or hazel eye stand out from the crowd. Go all-out purple for dramatic, fairytale lashes, or play it safe by combining with black lashes for vibrant, yet subtle tones.

4. Blue Eyelash Extensions
Regal and striking, blue lashes add an unexpected touch of romance. When paired with black lashes, the blue hints of color create a rich depth and intrigue to any client’s natural eye color, especially those with amber, blue, or brown eyes.

5. Red Eyelash Extensions
Taking sexy and bold to the next level, red lashes make a daring statement. This unexpected pop of color is perfect for any fearless woman daring enough to create waves and take charge.

6. Rainbow Eyelash Extensions
Definitely not for the faint of heart, rainbow eyelash extensions do all of the talking. For a little extra dimension, you absolutely cannot go wrong with a dash of color.

Create full-color sets or mix colors with colored eyelash extensions from Wendylash! The Shop has an array of eyelash extension supplies for techs from tweezers to nano misters for faster drying time.

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