The eyelash extension tool makes a big role in your eyelash extension application. And good tools can make the whole application of eyelash extension easier. A successful lash artist is inseparable from the tools help. We will share the best eyelash extension tools to you to make your eyelash application easier.

Tool 1:  Glue ring


The glue rings is perfect for use during eyelash extension application. It can be used to hold glue, remover or lash primer. The ring can keep the glue cool longer and save much glue quantity.

The glue rings have two types: crystal glue rings and disposable glue rings.


Crystal glue rings can be reused. It makes from glass and the smooth surface is easy to clean. And the ring size can be adjusted, perfect fit your fingers.


Disposable glue rings are made of firm and durable plastic. And disposable for quick use, no mess to clean up, make the whole application of eyelash extension easier.

 Tool 2: Eyelash extension mirror



When you finished your eyelash extension application, you can use a check mirror to check your client's lashes. It can easier to observe clients lash for stickers. If without those tools, you are forced to stand up and lean over your clients to check for these stickers. But have this mirror you can conveniently check.


Tool 3: Grafting eyelash root splitter



This tool can divide into a glue cup and eyelash holder. The cup can be used to place lash glue, and the holder can keep the application become easier. That can facilitate eyelash grafting and improve the efficiency of applying.


Tool 4: The 8-Hole Durable Tweezers Holder



Tweezers holders are important to artist works, as a lash artist, you’re dealing with your client’s most vulnerable asset, their eyes. It is important that you not only take care while lashing but also keep your lash extension tools sanitized and safe for use. That place your tweezers neatly makes everything easy. Ensure the tip of the tweezers is facing up and always use the protecting cap, which will avoid accidental hurt by the tweezers tip.

And this holder has 8 holes that give you many choices to put off your tweezers.


Tool 5: Tweezers Cleaning Tool Solution/Liquid Adhesive Remover


When finish the application of eyelash extension, we should clean some tools. The tweezers will get sticky after application and the glue is difficult to remove. Many artists cost too much time dealing with it. The tweezers cleaning tool solution can easily resolve this problem.

This can easy to remove new or long-term on your tweezers, make our lash clean.

Tool 6: Eyelash Glue Storage Tank


Your lash adhesive can make or break your extension sets. If you don’t use the proper glue, your clients will have poor retention, no matter how flawless and gorgeous the set you created. Therefore, the tank has a vital role of preserve, it keeps the glue for a longer period, and it Portable and lightweight, suitable for families or travel. It is press type design can effectively dehumidify and seals the dry environment.

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